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Chicom B-ball League! Home is where the heart is. Help bring the NBA players, coaches, and owners home to the country they truly love. #ChineseMoneyMatters

Chicom Basketball League

by Itpatadmin

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This is a sample campaign project. It is fake and meant for sarcasm. Do not donate to this project.

Many NBA players have already pledged their new allegience to China and the communist party. In the newly proposed CBL we can bring the NBA’s best player to the nation they love so much. Here they will reach their full potential as we eliminate bad foods from their diet, pump them full of steroids, and ‘encourage’ them to practice 14 hours each day at our very fine basketball camp, but not all for practicing – Two hours reserved daily for signing autographs. We can monitor their every action to assure they are not associating with anyone with a low social credit score and can make sure they are following the recommendations we give to them for their own good. We also support their bashing of America more strongly than most Americans. We propose a one way ticket to China for these best players and they can compete in the Olympics for the team they love most as well. Some may choose the USA so we can try very hard to get them a travel visa to come back to the USA, but no promises.

The CBL will allow players to wear the name of their favorite politicians on their jersey for a price. We know many of them very well already. Like the CBA players, they also, well… pay-to-play!

Of course, American propaganda has many Americans believing wrongly about the great country of China. China is the real land of the free! Here, these CBA players can be free from religion, free from speech, free from thought, and free from bad press, unless they step out of line – then they will deserve it. Free thought is not necessary in China. We will do all of the thinking for them as we do for all of our free people. The Chicom Basketball League is exempt from social distancing and mandatory mask wearing because we already cured the COVID-19 with the highly effective lockdown. We killed the virus by killing those with the virus. It was a ‘Great Step Forward’, like a mini leap forward.


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